Creating an Early College Feeder Pattern

See success across your district with a feeder pattern of innovative schools

As KnowledgeWorks early college high schools began to show results, districts and higher education partners approached KnowledgeWorks to help them develop feeder schools in grades K-8 to ensure students are well-prepared for the rigorous early college course of study.  In our K-8 schools we accelerate learning by giving students the processes and tools to ask insightful questions, gather information and discover answers to complex problems. Through a personalized learning approach, we help students make connections across time, places, people and nations to gain new insights that will advance the world in ways we cannot even imagine today.

At a KnowledgeWorks early college feeder school, all students engage in a full range of inquiry, problem-based and design thinking experiences focused on building the courage to be creative. Students master the deep thinking skills and habits of mind necessary to become inventors passionate about their work and innovative, civic-minded citizens.

The early college feeder school builds each student’s self-knowledge, sense of identity, creative self-confidence and foundational design skills. Students become increasingly cognizant of how they see, listen and communicate with others. Each student demonstrates the skills and tools necessary to collaborate, enabling teachers to integrate content areas across disciplines and students to work successfully.

Building off of our more than 10 years of experience in STEM, early college, turnaround and competency- and mastery-based schools, the KnowledgeWorks team helps schools employ a range of adaptive assessments to help uncover each student’s individual strengths and challenges. This information allows teachers to ensure each student has the help he or she needs to master course content. This personal approach accelerates learning, allowing students to be successful in the more demanding early college or K-8 course of study.

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