Early College High School Policy

Supporting early college options for all students

Early college high schools are a proven approach to teaching and learning that enable students to earn up to 60 college credits and an associate degree upon graduation from high school.

This effective approach strengthens the transition from secondary to postsecondary education by increasing college and career readiness, decreasing the time needed to complete degrees, and saving money for students and taxpayers. Early college is a particularly effective pathway option in a personalized learning environment, enabling students to accelerate their learning while receiving robust and personalized supports to ensure success.

KnowledgeWorks works closely with policymakers at the federal and state level to advocate for policies that support the growth of early college options for all students, particularly low-income and first generation college-going students. This includes policies that:

  • Promote flexible pathway options that improve the transition between K-12 and postsecondary education
  • Provide better data on their availability

Resources to Help Inform and Advance Conversations About Early College Policy

The Policy and Advocacy Team at KnowledgeWorks has published resources to help states, school districts, and institutions of higher education partner to ensure more students benefit from these programs:

College in High School Alliance.Partnering with National Leaders to Expand Early College Opportunities

As part of our advocacy effort, KnowledgeWorks is a founding steering committee member of the College in High School Alliance (CHSA), a coalition of leading national organizations committed to policies that support high-quality dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and early college high schools. CHSA believes that greater support for these models at the federal, state, and local levels will significantly improve the secondary and postsecondary outcomes of students, particularly those from low-income and middle-class backgrounds. The coalition works collaboratively to develop and advance policies that support these models at scale as well as to cultivate and deepen policy champions at all levels of government. To learn more about the CHSA, visit www.collegeinhighschool.org.

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