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We Will Work Beside You

Schools and communities are striving to increase graduation rates, improve academic outcomes, close achievement gaps and fill an increasingly prevalent job skills gap. Personalized learning ensures every student is ready for life beyond the school walls.

We can help

KnowledgeWorks partners with district and school leaders, community partners, educators and students, working hand-in-hand to create a community vision, transform teaching and learning, and create personalized learning opportunities through competency-based education and / or early college high school. Whether their next step is college or career, a personalized approach to learning ensures every student has the best chance for success.

With 15 years of experience working throughout the country, KnowledgeWorks has practical, on-the-ground experience using proven strategies to provide unique competency-based, early college opportunities to achieve and sustain improved student outcomes.

Working with the whole learning community

Each school community is unique, which is why we roll up our sleeves to work beside you. We focus on your strengths and opportunities, listen to your vision for students, and join you in reimagining learning for your community. Our approach is not about a step-by-step, prescribed model for schools to implement. We work with you to achieve the vision for your learning community, and offer a network of support through our experienced coaching team and partner districts also on the journey to personalized learning.

We will be your partner in systems change

As a national leader in personalized learning, we envision a future of education where all students succeed, no matter their background or zip code. We partner with federal, state and district leaders to remove policy barriers so school administrators and educators can transform the entire educational system from the ground up. We work beside communities, school leaders and staff to ensure students today have the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

Bring personalized learning to your district

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