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  1. Transforming School into 21st Century Learning Organizations
    Tom Carroll, National Commission on Teaching for America's Future (NCTAF), presented at the November 2007 NCSEA conference on moving from Teaching 1.0 to Teaching 2.0 by empowering teachers to become learning experts.
  2. Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning” - Report A
    42 states now have supplemental or full-time online learning programs. Of the 8 states with neither supplemental nor full-time online learning programs, several are in the planning stages to introduce online learning opportunities. There has been increased scrutiny of online programs. A key development has been the release of audits of full-time online programs by three states: Colorado, Idaho, and Kansas. Colorado’s audit questioned the practices of several full-time online learning programs and the oversight capability of the Colorado Dept. of Ed. In response, the state board of education created a task force to make recommendations to lawmakers. Colorado legislators passed a bill that made many changes to the state’s online education regulations. Among these are the creation of a division within the state education department to oversee online programs, the creation of standards to define the quality of online programs, and a requirement that all online programs report annually to the state.
  3. [Wired] Inside the Bizarre World of Japanese Picku
    If there's a market, someone will fill it...
  4. An Explosion of Learning Agents
    New roles, processes, and relationships in the learning economy spawn new career paths in education. Includes content experts, learning coaches, network navigators, classroom managers, and cognitive specialists.
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