It's Back to School Time: Let's Chat #B2SChat

Event Date: 
Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

It’s back-to-school season!  It's a time for fresh starts, new student relationships and a chance to try new things in the classroom.

Join educators from across the country for our August 17, 2017, Twitter chat at 7pm EST.

We'll be having guests joining is from school districts in Colorado, Maine, Michigan and Ohio, as well as our teaching and learning experts from KnowledgeWorks. We hope you can join the Twitter chat at #B2SChat.

Twitter chat questions

We will use the Q1, A1 format during #B2SChat. New to Twitter chats? Taking time to look at the questions beforehand can make the experience more enjoyable. That way you know what you want to share and can focus more on what other people are sharing versus what you need to type.

Q1. It’s a new school year! What will you do this year to create a strong school and classroom culture? #B2SChat

Q2. Student voice and choice are essential to #PersonalizedLearning. What are ways you give them choices? #B2SChat

Q3. #GrowthMindset for students gets a lot of air time. What about you – how do you (or will you!) display a growth mindset? #B2SChat

Q4. How are you incorporating #socialemotionallearning into your classroom? Why is that important for your learners? #B2SChat #SEL

Q5. How will you be celebrating student growth? Do the methods you use change based on age of students? #B2SChat

Q6. Learning communities extend beyond the walls of the classroom. How do you engage the #community in learning? #B2SChat

Add the Back to School Twitter Chat to your calendar.Add the #B2SChat to your calendar!

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