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Unbundled Education
Open content and curriculum, social media and communities of action redefine the role of schools and their distinct identity. Includes elements of network hubs, resource coordination, ongoing assessment and managing student development.

Unbundled education supports personalized learning The convergence of networks, emergent self-organization, and cooperative strategies sets the stage for a host of new business models that function as platforms for value creation among distributed knowledge workers, innovative users, and customers. EBay doesn’t sell anything, but it provides a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, for individuals to develop careers as Power Sellers, and for third-party businesses like Picture It Sold to prosper. Schools and districts that become open platforms for development of innovative and diverse learning models will have a distinct advantage. Educational careers forge new paths As education is unbundled into a constellation of functions and roles to meet the needs of the emerging learning economy, the teaching profession will experience a creative breakout. New administrative, classroom, and community roles will differentiate educational careers, attracting new entrants and providing new avenues for experienced educators to branch out—as content experts, learning coaches, network navigators, cognitive specialists, resource managers, or community liaisons. Interactive media link diverse groups of educators and students in ad hoc groups to perform new kinds of collective assessment and evaluation of both students and educators.


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Map Legend

Drivers   Drivers
The vertical side of the left column of the map. These are six categories driving all trends, hotspots and dilemmas. Click on the purple bar for a definition of that driver.
Impact areas   Impact Areas
The horizontal axis of the map. These are five key areas of activity where major trends are revealed from different perspectives. Click on the purple bar for a definition of that impact area.
Hotspots   Hotspots
These are key trends that we think have broad impact on education and often make good starting points for exploring the map.
Dilemmas   Dilemmas
These are issues that can't be solved with either/or thinking but require new strategies that go beyond simple problem solving.

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